Cecilia Fox: Pairing the unusual with the everyday

Melanie Stapleton, from bespoke floral studio Cecilia Fox, is pairing the unusual with the everyday in this year’s Lexus Design Pavilion. With an appreciation for form, texture and tone, Stapleton has an innate ability to create breathtaking atmospheres with an array of botanical elements. 

Cecilia Fox, Lexus Design Pavilion

What can we expect to see from Cecilia Fox at this year’s Lexus Design Pavilion? 

The Lexus Design Pavilion floral will focus on poignant and considered design that are imbued with a sense of contemplation and spontaneity. 

Can you highlight elements of your work that guests can look forward to experiencing? 

Guests can look forward to experiencing the majesty of the botanical world in designs crafted with intention and heart. Unusual blooms, rare and often unseen, alongside simple beauty and the earthly. 

A core strength for Lexus is Takumi craftsmanship, which is used to describe a master craftsman who has perfected his skills over years of painstaking form and dedication. How does your own ethos reflect this? 

Cecilia Fox is known for our capacity to create an atmosphere with botanical elements. Our work is an expression of our commitment to share and inspire, and comes from a deep respect for the natural world. Over the years of dedication to our craft, we have developed an intuitive, natural style. 

Cecilia Fox Lexus Design Pavilion
Lexus Design Pavilion

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